Prep - The First Year

Our commitment to providing a quality inquiry based curriculum begins with Prep.

The Preparatory Year program is offered in all primary schools in this diocese. Prep is a full-time program and is the first year of compulsory schooling.

Learning in the Preparatory Year is the foundation of a child's cognitive, spiritual, emotional, social, creative and physical self. Through nurturing a love of learning and inquiry, children make meaningful relationships and connections with their world. (Policy Statement: Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton, Teaching and Learning, Learning in the Preparatory Year)

The Prep program provides a flexible learning environment with investigative, play-based and active learning experiences. Close partnerships with parents and care givers are fostered and promoted.

Children entering Prep are supported in their transition to school through processes that acknowledge and respond to the diversity of families and each individual's early learning experiences.

The Catholic Education Office actively promotes inclusive practices that support positive learning outcomes for children with additional needs.

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