Students should not arrive before this time.
8:35am School begins
10:25am - 10:55am Recess
12:55pm - 1:25pm Lunch
2:55pm Dismissal
3:15pm Students should not be in the school grounds after this time.


The official and safest place for depositing and collecting children before and after school time is in front of Star of the Sea Church at the Herbert Street door. Cars need to enter from the Goondoon Street end and exit via the top car park gate. This area is a thoroughfare. NO PARKING IN THIS AREA! At both times of the day we ask that all parents remain patient and vigilant in this area. The safety of the children in this area must remain the highest priority. Please note that no right turn is permitted when exiting via the top car park gate.


The school crossing at the front of the St Vincent de Paul Building on Goondoon Street, operates every day the students are at school at the following times.
8:00am – 8:50am  and  2:45pm – 3:25pm.


Our front office is open from 8:00am – 4:00pm each school day. After hours a message can be left on the school answering machine on 49721305 or if urgent on the school mobile phone 0408721307


Student supervision by staff is provided from 8.10am and until 3.15 pm each school day.  Children should not arrive before 8:10am and should not be in the grounds after 3:15pm. School grounds are not accessible outside of these hours unless permission is granted by the Principal.  Should your child/children still be at school after 3.30pm arrangements may be made with the Outside School Hours Care staff (Mobile 0417 614 316) for care on an hourly basis and/or for a regular  booking. Enrolment forms are required to be completed and the forms are available from the school office or the OSHC staff.


Like many primary and secondary schools and colleges in Australia, our school has a Late Book.  Its two main aims are essentially:
A.to protect children by having an official record of the actual time they arrived at school on a particular date; and
B.to encourage chronic latecomers to become more punctual.

Latecomers in all year levels or their parents are requested to sign the late book before going to class and naturally, there are no punishments or negative reinforcements for students who may have occasion to sign the book.


Parents are asked to collect children from the front office.  Sick or injured children will be located in our Sick Bay. All parents are required to sign the departure register whenever collecting students within school hours. This and other similar procedures help us to ensure the safety and well being of the children.


Unless otherwise notified (and excluding Term 4), the first day of each school term is a Pupil Free Day.   Forthcoming term dates and pupil free dates are all clearly communicated to parents via the school newsletter.


Parents are reminded that children should be provided with lunches that are healthy and sufficient for the needs of your child. Please speak with your child regularly about the lunches you provide.


While Catholic schools usually conclude one week earlier than State Government schools at the end of Term Four each year, this school generally follows the term dates used by the Department of Education, Training and the Arts, and information regarding holidays is communicated clearly each year. Parents are notified of Pupil Free Days well in advance so that alternate arrangements can be made if necessary.


A sick bay is located in our front office.  Our sick bay is for all students who may feel or be unwell. The child's parents and the family doctor and/or an ambulance are all contacted should a child require urgent medical attention.

Parents are asked to ensure that all medication given to students during school hours is administered through the front office.