Fee Information

Information on School Fees and the School Building Fund (which are set through Diocesan structures) and School-based Levies (which are set by local boards), is sent home to parents/guardians at the end of a school year. This information informs parents of the fees to be incurred for the following year. School fee accounts are processed each term, usually during the second or third week, and are sent home with the youngest child in the family. Payment may be made in full, or by weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments – cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Direct Debit or Internet banking. The due date is prior to the end of term and is communicated through the newsletter.

School Fee Concession Forms are available on request and for reasons of financial hardship, eligible families often receive significant fee concession assistance. Concessions on fees are available to eligible families by contacting the Principal.


Our school levies are approved by the School Board each year. For information regarding our school levies, please contact the school.

Money to be Paid

When money is to be sent to the school for various events, activities etc, parents are encouraged to send money to school in an envelope bearing: child’s name, year level, purpose for money, and amount enclosed. Children give the envelopes to the teacher who mark it off on a class list and then forward it to the school office.


Fundraising is an important avenue in assisting schools to provide necessary resources for their students. Funds are usually raised through avenues such as Grants, Donations and special fundraising activities. The Parents and Friends Association has traditionally been a major contributor of funds to the school, earned through the efforts of their Fundraising Committee. In 2010 the P & F instigated a voluntary Fundraising Levy to be charged to families in order to ease the burden of Fundraising activities.