Homework Policy

Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School believes that assigning homework recognises the important partnership that should exist between home and school to ensure a balanced education is provided for all students.  It recognises the diverse range of family structures and routines that students encounter and seeks to support the development of life skills as well as academic skills.

Regular homework will be provided by all classroom teachers for students in Years 1 – 6 at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School.

  1. The Homework Grid will be implemented by all classes as a means of recognising the wide range of activities that students are involved in, encouraging positive family interactions and allowing time for students to pursue their own learning.
  2. The purpose of the academic component of homework is to reinforce concepts covered in class and to prepare and research information on forthcoming topics.
  3. Homework is to be assigned according to the needs and abilities of various year levels.
  4. Extension or support activities may be given as an option on the Homework Grid to students requiring it.
  5. The classroom teacher should provide prompt feedback to students.
  6. Reading for a variety of purposes and being read to is an essential part of learning and should be a regular part of the homework routine.
  7. Part time and specialist teachers may assign homework in consultation with class teachers.
  8. Parent information nights and workshops will be provided to help parents with homework support.
  9. Parents should be involved indirectly in the homework undertaken by their children by:
    • taking an active interest in their child’s development and learning
    • providing a conducive learning environment
    • encouraging their children
    • providing guidance and support
    • providing feedback to relevant teacher as required
  10. Homework is not to be used as a behaviour management strategy.