Curriculum is an integral part of the school and has both formal and informal aspects. In fact, it includes everything that the student experiences in the school - the development of academic abilities and sporting, social and personal skills. Our school's curriculum is based on both the state and national curricula.

Curriculum Vision

Star of the Sea is a Catholic community which seeks to give witness to the gospel.  Our school will endeavour to provide students with a safe, supportive and caring Christian environment, enabling all learners to reach their full potential. We offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning.

Curriculum Overview

Our school’s curriculum is based on both State and National Curriculum and our teachers have an excellent understanding of how to cover the curriculum effectively. Our curriculum is organised to:

  • Be integrated, where possible.
  • Be a collaborative process.
  • Be a life-long and life-wide process for staff and students - empowering growth in all areas of development – spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional.
  • Involve real-world, hands-on learning tasks, where possible.
  • Differentiate to meet learners’ needs through a range of specialists programs as well as classroom adaptations.
  • Ensure assessment is informed and has consistent judgment and used to improve future learning.
  • Engage and challenge students to become resilient, independent learners.

We have the following specialist teachers who support our curriculum implementation: Physical Education (PE) and Technology.