Outside School Hours Care

Star of the Sea Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) has been providing quality care for school age children since 2003. Before and After School Care is offered during the school terms and Vacation Care during school holidays. Care for pupil free days is also available.

About Us
We are a small service and utilise several areas of the school to offer a varied and interesting program. Our staff are Diploma qualified or Teacher Aides within the school or university students studying their Bachelor of Education. Together we bring a wealth of knowledge, current practices within the childcare and primary school sector and a genuine interest in the children under our care.

Things We Do
Games, arts, crafts, computer activities and the use of may types of sports equipment are some of the things on offer. Our program is guided by the children's interests and current events at school and within the community. Parent involvement is encouraged - ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

Being central to many facilites is beneficial during Vacation Care. We access these regularly so the children do not feel as if they are still "in school". Parks, gardens, picnic areas, public pools, the museum and art gallery are all within walking distance, allowing us to get out and about on a regular basis.

Before School Care
Available from 6am to 8:15am.
The morning routine is quiet, with art and craft, Lego, books & puzzles available. Children are able to bring their breakfast to eat anytime before 8am. For those who are tired, mattresses, pillows and blankets are offered for them to have a sleep prior to school starting. Some children and parents find this is an ideal time for children to complete their homework - we are happy to help them.
Session Fee - $18 per child

After School Care
Available from 3pm to 5:45pm
We offer a tasty and nutritious afternoon tea followed by some outside play before going indoors for the rest of the afternoon. The routine varies by term - the current routine is on display inside the OSHC area.
Activities vary from free play to group games, sport rotations and art and craft when outside. Inside, there is a table set aside for homework and the children are free to participate in activities at their leisure or join in a planned activity with the educators.
Session Fee - $24 per child

Vacation Care
Available during school holidays, from 7am to 6pm (full day) or 9:30am to 2:30pm (short day).
Activites throughout the holidays are varied and excursions are offered to various locations in and around the local area. Depending on where we are going, transport can range from walking, to group taxis, to chartered buses.
All food for the day needs to be supplied by parents, EXCEPT on those days where the service provides them - see the relevant Vacation Care program for details.

  • Vacation Care July 2019
  • Enrolment
    Children can only attend the above services when a completed enrolment form has been submitted to the Co-ordinator. Please contact us on the below details for an enrolment form. Childcare Subsidy is available to offset the cost of care - please contact Centrelink to arrange this.

    Contact Details
    Co-ordinator: Gail Whiting
    E-mail: sosg_oshc@rok.catholic.edu.au
    Phone: 0417 614 316

    For More Information
    Family Handbooks are available for all our parents and are given out upon enrolment. Staff are also able to answer any questions you should have about the service.

    We have a family page for our diocesan families. It contains a variety of documents and information about OHSC. The site can be found here.

    Our Diocesan Policies and Procedures is a large document and is e-mailed to all parents. A copy is available for parents and caregivers to read at the service.