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Defining Features of the Catholic School

"Catholic schools have a special and vital role in the Church’s mission in education. Through providing a learning environment that is spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and emotionally caring, Catholic school communities will continue to provide support to lifelong learners so that they will be able and willing to envision and contribute to the creation of a just, equitable and compassionate world…

Catholic schools are called to:

  1. Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the church.
  2. Have a clear Catholic identity.
  3. Be communities of care.
  4. Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning.
  5. Be open and accessible to all who seek their values.
  6. Be characterised by inclusive partnerships within a community of faith.

These Defining Features communicate clearly what we believe is at the heart of Catholic education and give direction and guidance to those whose daily interactions with others bring to life the vision of an authentic Catholic school as a living out of the Gospel message.”

Miss Leesa M Jeffcoat - Diocesan Director Catholic Education - “Defining Features of Catholic Schools in the 21st Century”

Statement of Religious School Character

The school takes its name from Our Blessed Mother, Mary and, as a result, has a distinctive Marian character. Mary is viewed as the shining star that guides us in our Christian journey. She is seen as the ultimate example of someone who let her light shine as a thanksgiving for all God had gifted her with.

Our two founding religious orders, who both look to Mary as their inspiration and guide, give us practical examples of how to use Mary as our guide to authentic Christian lives. The Mercy Sisters see Mary as the Mother of Mercy, seeking to bring God’s loving care and mercy to everyone, especially those who suffer the most. Marists try to act as Mary did, quietly undertaking great things for God, becoming useful instruments in God’s hands, seeking to humbly be of service wherever they are needed most.

In this way then, as Mary did, all members of the Star of the Sea community seek to make Jesus known through the example of our lives, demonstrating excellence in the way we show our core school virtues of courage, respect, determination and service.

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